PM Kheire Accused of fake news and falsehood by the Former Minster of commerce Khadra Dualeh

One of the first lessons, I had learnt at home as a child was to never lie, “be honest and always honor your commitments” is a life long lesson and a family mantra. This was absolutely non-negotiable, as far as my father was concerned.

I received this video from a friend familiar with my work in upgrading and remodeling the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

PM Kayre gave his word to settle the invoices in December 2017 as result of my upgrading MOCI.

From January 2018 to August 2018 I stayed in Mogadishu and tried to ensure MOCI vendors were paid. My father insisted, I made sure all vendors received their money, before my departing Somalia.

PM Kheyre gave his word; a dozen Cabinet members spoke to him, more than two dozen MPs implored upon his sense of honor, his closest clansmen and women, and just about “Who’s Who’s” in Mogadishu spoke to him.

Several were concerned enough, to provide him a history lesson, on Somaliland Independence and Somalia’s Unification as well as my father’s role.

This was meant as an incentive,to encourage him, to respectfully keep his word and settle the invoices.

Everytime he would pledge to do so and promise to settle the bills.

Furthermore, he would implore me, to stay in Mogadishu; assuring me he had given orders for the invoices to be settled. Everytime, I had requested for him to let me know, if it’s not possible? He would insist, I stay and the funds would be released to the vendors .

I never imagined someone in his position would not honor invoices, and continuously, make empty promises and out right lies to members of his Cabinet and Government.

If you visit the Office of the Minister at the Ministry of Commerce and Trade you will see the upgrades I had made so we could function professionally.

I used my personal funds to buy computers and printers. I understand he has spent a couple of millions upgrading his offices and residence.

What I find disgraceful and a dishonor to the office he holds, when he visits the Ministry of Commerce and Industry – he actually sits on chairs and leans on desks, he did not pay the vendors he had pledged and promised.

A commitment he freely made with a handshake and a promise! Most dishonorable of all, he is making a speech about the government of N&N settling all their debts and they do not owe any money to anyone!!!

If he can lie about the little things, you can well imagine, he would lie about the big things!! I left Mogadishu totally shocked and embarrassed, by his dishonesty, the fine tuned ability to lie to his ministers, MPs, clan members, close friends and even his in-laws.

He is an exceptional manipulator, and a master in deception and empty promises. Trust him, at your own peril!. It’s truly unfortunate, when lying comes so easily, that one can lose sight of common decency and any sense of honor.

My message to PM Kheyre, is very simple: please Stop lying, please Stop misleading your government and the public.

Somalia needs leaders who have integrity, a sense of honor, and understand the value of common decency. Moreover, leaders who do not constantly sell their people short.

I am truly disappointed and disheartened by the daily lies emanating from PM Kheyre. It’s in his nature to do so, however, it’s up to the Somali people to understand when they have had enough of falsehood and fakeĀ  News.

Written BY : Former Minster of commerce Khadra Dualeh.