Efforts to rig Somalia’s upcoming elections gain momentum

In Mogadishu’s Shibis district in a neighborhood by the famous Sakawadiin School, the plot to rig Somalia’s upcoming elections is progressing at a full steam & beyond the purview of the public eye & media.

This neighborhood which houses NISA residential plots has in recent months seen a massive renovations complete with CCTV cameras. The plan is to house delegates that form the electoral college here. In one of the houses, black money brought in from Qatar are kept in containers.

This highly secured house, has facilities such as election war-room complete with electronic surveillance equipment, listening devices, and other sophisticated technical gadgets
In particular, the listening devices have been brought to monitor hotels, opposition, and other targets. NISA which runs the program can now listen to conversations from about 500 meters; but current DG of NISA is looking to expand this capability.

A standard operating procedure is to park a vehicle rigged with listening devices & other surveillance equipment around hotels & other targeted buildings and pick up on conversations. The communication interceptions are both unsettling and fundamentally alter political landscape

At the heart of this conspiracy are three individuals: the current DG of NISA Fahad Yassin, his right hand man Kulane and a Somali-Norwegian by the name of Mukhtar who defected from NISA around the fall of 2019.

At the time of his defection, the media carried extensive reports on how Mukhtar took with him sensitive information pertaining NISA’s agents

The information was allegedly leaked to members of the media and was followed by a spike in Al Shabab assassinations of some of the agents whose information was leaked. One of the agents assassinated was a female agent.

A notable Somali religious figure ultimately reconciled Mukhtar and his former boss Fahad. At NISA, Mukhtar was tasked with setting up database and other servers donated by Pakistan to store Somalia’s biometric identification information.

Mukhtar was recently reportedly seconded to the interior ministry where he runs an election registration program. This gives him a unique advantage as he’s involved in both the input and output and closes the loop started at NISA. banaadironline.com/agaasimaha-cus

A standard claim by Somalia’s political class is the notion that no Somali President has ever been re-elected and that the current incumbent will suffer the same fate. But this lethargic claim doesn’t take into account many fundamental facts.

For example, the sort of methodical rigging that’s being carried out that makes only one particular outcome possible. It also doesn’t take into account that the man at the center of this conspiracy has successfully ensured his candidate won in both 2012 & 2017 elections.

The ongoing dismantling of Somalia’s nascent democracy will inevitably lead to the “re-election” of the current incumbent and pave the way for Somalia to become a one-party state.

By Adam Abdulle