This is Yaasiin Hussein Ismail. Yaasiin has been in the media for a long time since 2005. First he had started editor of Somaliland Nation TV and have worked as Cameraman and Editor at Waaheen Media Group in Hargeisa more than three years and then 2011 Yaasiin started work as Cameraman and editor at Universal Somali TV within 5 Years. Also he was studio manager and live broadcaster.

Yasin was one of the founders of Dalsoor and he worked for the Dalsoor one and half year and he has produced many world-renowned films, and then that programs were become very influential programs.

Mr Yaasiin has been working at Villa Somalia since 2017. Yaasiin is the president’s special cameraman, as well as the executive producer of the media production department. Yasin is able to work in any kind of media which is necessary for the work like videographer, photographer, broadcaster, editor and also producer and so on.