Khadra Duale:-Abdi Hashi is a patriot and a true Somali.

Abdi Hashi, Speaker of the Senate, has genuinely earned the right to be respected. He is a patriot and a true Somali.

He is principled, dignified and gracious. The highly dishonorable, disrespectful and harmful treatment he has been exposed to, only serves to illustrate the limitations of Farmago and his administration.

It speaks volumes and highlights everything which is wrong about Farmago’s government. They’re against competent, principled, respected individuals.

They offer full support, to those who are ready to sell their souls, principles, dignity, country and their people. They seek out the weakest links in every Region and Community — those who are easily manipulated, whom they can bribe with empty promises of positions and riches.

Allah bless and protect Abdi Hashi. He has secured his legacy and this lasts into eternity. A long term investment, instead of the political and social infamy, his opponents have justly earned. There is true value and honour in being a man of principles